West Chester Veterinary Care


West Chester Veterinary Care (WCVC) is a full-service hospital with a different perspective on animal care. WCVC embodies Dr. Amy’s vision of providing the best experience a pet can have when visiting the vet. The facility was designed with the pet’s comfort and health in mind – from the material on the floors to the acoustic pads on the ceiling. The office visits are scheduled for extended durations to allow ample time for the pet to adjust to the surroundings as well as to answer all the client’s questions and explain recommendations. WCVC also offers “drop-off” appointments during which the pet may be left for the day to have exercise in the playroom and receive their physical examination and diagnostic tests as part of their stay. WCVC always keeps the animal’s comfort in mind, whether they are boarding, at the hospital or stopping in for a weight check. Our veterinary hospital has a community feel, where the pets love to visit, and our clients are active participants in educated decision-making when it comes to the care of their pets.